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Fire Alarms Panels

Conventional fire indicator panel’s uses state of the art microprocessor technology together with new manufacturing processes to deliver a cost effective solution to your fire indicator panel requirements without having to make compromises in functionality, reliability or appearance.

A range of modular panel add-ons kits allows the panel to be professionally tailored to the requirements of each installation. This means small conventional panels can now be used in a wider range of applications.

Key features of Conventional Fire Alarm Panels include:

  • Programmable delays to outputs
  • Low quiescent current
  • Detector head removal facility
  • Single PCB architecture
  • Easy to use
  • Walk test facility
  • Each conventional detection circuit accommodates up to 40 Conventional Fire Detectors.



Analogue Addressable Fire Panels

Analogue addressable fire alarm control panel with non-proprietary programming tools. These fire panels have the capacity for individually identifiable and controllable detection/control points. The modular hardware design and flexible programming allow the user to easily configure field devices.

Key features of Analogue Addressable Fire Panels include:

  • Programming via front panel.
  • Programming through the use of a notebook computer.
  • Modem connection capability.
  • Remote upload/download of software.
  • Remote integration of system.
  • Optional Agent Release system
  • Password protection
  • Day/night sensitivity settings.
  • Event log
  • Self-learn capabilities
  • Operation of all inputs/outputs via keypad.
  • Brigade output interrogation.
  • Pre-alarm level available.
  • Digital voltage readout.
  • Readout of detector analogue count.
  • Printer connection capability. S.P.O.T – Single Person Operation Test. Network capabilities.


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