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ProInert™ IG-541 is a clean agent fire extinguishing system using an inert gas (IG-541) consisting of 52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon and 8% Carbon Dioxide and is used in total flooding systems. ProInert™ has become widely accepted as the best performing, cost effective, and environmentally friendly inert gas fire extinguishing agent, offering extended hold times and great flexibility in design.  The patented pressure regulating discharge valve used in the ProInert™ system utilises a superior valve design to automatically regulate the pressure of the extinguishant at discharge, providing an ideal discharge pressure and maintaining a constant flow rate throughout the discharge

FM-200 ® (HFC 227ea) is a hydroflourocarbon (HFC) known chemical as Heptaflouropane (CF 3 CHFCF 3 ). It is a clean gaseous agent that is liquefied under pressure for storage. It is classified as suitable for use in occupied areas and is considered to have no ozone depleting potential (ODP). FM-200® systems, designed in accordance with AS4214 parts 1 and 2, are readily suited to the protection of high value assets, where space and weight of system hardware is a consideration, such as computers, communications equipment, medical equipment and people.

Carbon Dioxide has been used effectively as a fire extinguisher since the early 1900's. It is a clean gaseous agent, in plentiful supply and can be stored in either high pressure or low pressure cylinder tanks. Although in high concentrations Carbon Dioxide is an asphyxiant, Carbon Dioxide Systems comply with Australian Standard 4214.1 and are provided with a number of safety mechanisms to minimize the risk of personnel exposure.

Carbon Dioxide Systems can be designed for either total flooding or local application, where due to the availability and low cost CO2 is ideal for local applications such as rolling mills and dip tanks where large quantities of extinguishing agent are required.


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